Bonnisan Syrup 120 ml Bottle

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As a daily health supplement to prevent common digestive complaints of infants and children, and to promote healthy growth For relief from digestive complaints in infants and children.

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Himalaya Bonnisan 

Natural healing oils are the key ingredients of bonnisan syrup, which has been specially manufactured for supporting the health and strength of kids. 

Bonnisan for infants

This syrup has healing properties which heals gastrointestinal (GI) conditions, for example, diarrhea, abdomen pains, colic and dyspepsia, in children. 

  • This 120 ml bottle syrup relieves the gut spasms of your kid. It is also beneficial for shielding the mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract of your infant. 

  • By relieving the stomach, this syrup aids in relieving the gas from your kid’s intestinal tract. 

Bonnisan syrup for babies

This syrup has scientifically tested formulations for babies gastrointestinal tract, and it is useful for fighting many chronic and acute infections. 

Bonnisan syrup uses

  • It can be used as a regular health care supplement for promoting the overall healthy growth of your children and infants. It also treats overall digestive issues in your infants.

  • Bonnisan combats chronic and acute contagions by relieving spasms in smooth muscles, which is linked with gas releasing issues from the gastro-intestinal tract, colic, problems in the mucosa of GI.

  • A herb present in it named Guduchi (Tinospora Gulancha) is an anthelmintic, which aids in releasing parasitic worms present in the intestine. Along with its hepatoprotective functionality, this herb also helps in improving the digestive capacity of the stomach. Indian Amalaki (Gooseberry) has strong antisecretory, antispasmodic and mucoprotective properties. 

  • (Shatapushpa) dill oil significantly reduces gassiness, distensiona, abdominal colic and increases the appetite of individuals due to its antimicrobial, carminative and mucoprotective (it protects the layer of mucus in the GI tract) capability.

  • It also combats common gastrointestinal (GI) disorders in babies and kids, such as discomfort in the belly, diarrhea, colic and dyspepsia.

Bonnisan gripe water for newborns 

Bonnisan aids in maintaining general health and happiness in newborns and children by restoring the normal physiological functioning in their digestive tract.

Bonnisan syrup price in UAE

This syrup is available at a very reasonable price in UAE, Dubai at the Life Pharmacy store. You can order Bonnisan syrup online at the Life Pharmacy store as well. 

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