Fybogel Orange Effervescent Granules 3.5 g Sachet X 30

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Fybogel 3.5g effervescent granules when mixed with water produce an orange-flavored drink that helps relieve occasional constipation and maintain regularity. Fybogel granules contain ispaghula husk which is a type of fiber extracted from the Plantago family of plants. It provides bulk that absorbs water and helps stimulate bowel movement.

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Fybogel orange ispaghula husk

 If you have digestive problems or constipation, then you can buy Fybogel (ispaghula husk) from pharmacies without any prescription. As it is high in fiber, it will treat digestive problems and constipation. 

Fybogel Sachets

Fybogel effervescent granules, upon mixing with water, constitute an orange-coloured drink that is helpful in relieving constipation and balance regularity. 

Fybogel granules

Fybogel granules are made up of a type of fiber called ispaghula husk, which is extracted from the plants of the Plantago family. It gives bulk that is helpful in water absorption and in stimulating bowel movements. 

Fybogel powder 

This powder is a high fiber drink that is considered the best way to enhance the levels of fiber in your diet. 

Fybogel Uses

There are many amazing benefits of Fybogel effervescent granules, such as:

  1. It helps in promoting the functioning of the digestive system and in relieving constipation naturally. 

  2. It functions naturally within your body to prevent constipation without causing discomfort, unnatural urgency and straining. It maintains and restores regularity. 

  3. Fybogel orange effervescent granules can also be used during pregnancy or lactation in order to increase fiber intake and to get relief from constipation. 

  4. It is also effective for maintaining normal bowel functions among people with haemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea associated with ulcerative colitis and diverticular disease, and ileostomy or colostomy. 

Fybogel price

Fybogel effervescent granules are available at a very reasonable price at the Life Pharmacy store in UAE, Dubai, but you can order these Fybogel sachets online at the Life Pharmacy website as well. 

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