Kin Gingival Tooth Paste 75ml

Brand: KIN
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Oral hygiene is very important because if you do not take proper care of your teeth and gums, you may suffer from oral and facial pain, loss of teeth, problems with your heart and other important organs (due to mouth infections), digestion problems that can lead to intestinal failure or irritable bowel syndrome, among others.

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Healthy Gums: Chlorhexidine, the primary ingredient of Kin Gingival, prevents the growth of microorganisms from bacterial plaque, thus ensuring healthy gingival tissues.

Reducing the pain of sensitive teeth: Fluoride, the second ingredient of Kin Gingival, makes dental enamel more resistant to the dissolving action of the acid produced by the plaque, thus blocking the mechanism which causes caries, while making teeth less sensitive.

Protects Teeth Enamel: Its low abrasiveness means that Kin Gingival toothpaste is suitable for daily use, as it eliminates bacterial plaque without scraping the enamel or damaging the teeth, and it does not irritate the gums.

Prevents Bad Breath: Kin Gingival toothpaste resolves and eliminates the problem of halitosis (bad breath), fighting it at its source.


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