Lactacyd Intimate Gel 200 ml

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Lactacyd Intimate Cleansing Care 200ml has especially been elaborated to respect the feminine intimate area and to help protect its natural balance. This care is composed of natural lactic acid and a regenerating complex of ingredients for a sensation of freshness and hydration, bringing comfort daily.

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LACTACYD INTIMATE GEL 200ML With a refreshing, nourishing and hassle-free formula, the intimate gel Lactacyd provides your vagina with all the protection it needs to keep its moisture balance; the daily care you need, thanks to a composition enriched with biological L-lactic acid that softens the intimate areas of the body in an effective and discreet way. Your most personal hygiene is guaranteed with this intimate Lactacyd gel, which revitalizes and maintains the maximum protection of one of the most delicate parts of the female body. This intimate, mild gel with lactic acid is developed on the basis of natural components that help you maintain the natural pH balance of your intimate area. *Suitable for daily use, after sexual intercourse or during menopause and menstruation. With a soft and pleasant scent!
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