Ladymil Chocolate 400g

AED 34.08   (VAT Inclusive)
  • Specific energetic content contributing to cover the additional requirements of pregnant women
  • Contains high nutritional value proteins ensuring an adequate supply of all essential and semi-essential amino acids
  • Contains essential fatty acids ω3 & ω6, natural precursors of LC-PUFAs (AA & DHA)
  • Enriched with Inulin (natural dietary fiber) to promote the development of a healthy gut microflora and an improved transit time
  • Enriched with 12 minerals & 13 vitamins

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Chocolate as a nutritional supplement

Ladymil chocolate is considered a rich nutritional supplement, especially for pregnant women. As in pregnancy, maintaining nutrition is quite important for mother and baby. Additional nutrients are required by the mother in pregnancy because the baby also eats food that the mother takes.

Ladymil chocolate for pregnant women

Ladymill is a special formula that contains all additional nutrients that a pregnant woman needs to complement the normal diet.

Enriched with proteins

Ladymill contains high-value proteins which provide all semi-essential and essential amino acids.

Enriched with fiber  

This supplement also contains natural dietary fiber, which is insulin, to promote the development of healthy microflora in the gut.

Enriched with vitamins

Additionally, it also contains 13 vitamins and 12 minerals which are quite important for health.

Enriched with fatty acids

It also contains essential fatty acids, which are the natural precursors of AA and DHA. Moreover, this supplement covers all energetic contents to meet the requirements of pregnant women.

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