Life Hand Sanitizer Aerosol Spray 120 ml

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  • Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Protection from virus germs, bacteria & microbes
  • 70% Alcohol
  • Moisturizing with glycerin
  • On the go protection

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Life hand Sanitizer aerosol spray has antibacterial properties. It is manufactured with alcohol-based formula, and it is very effective against viruses, germs, and bacteria. It is fully tested and approved by the FDA.

Effective Hand Sanitizer

It kills almost 99.9% of all the germs that cannot be seen through the naked eye. You can clean your hands before and after the meal with this hand sanitizer aerosol spray. 

No soap and water

If you are using hand sanitizer aerosol spray, then there is no need for water and soap. You can carry this sanitizer with you when you are travelling. 

Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer

It is an alcohol based hand sanitizer. You should use it frequently so you can stay away from infectious agents and germs. 

Best Hand Sanitizer

It is an all-purpose hand sanitizer aerosol spray with antibacterial properties. A strong combination of alcohol and bactericidal formula will kill the germs effectively. It will give you long-lasting protection. 

How to use it properly?

  • Take the hand sanitizer aerosol spray and spray it on the one hand and then rub the hands gently like you wash the hands. Rub the hands till they become dry. 

  • If you want to use this to clean surfaces, then leave the surface until the liquid evaporates, and if there is the extra liquid left, you can wipe it off yourself. 


  • Hand sanitizer aerosol spray is for external use only. 

  • Avoid this hand sanitizer out of the reach of children and pets. 

  • Place it in a cool place. 

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