Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil 200 ml

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Soothing and replenishing bath oil, from birth on

  • The Stelatopia bath oil compensates for the drying effects of bathing (hard water)
  • Its replenishing oil texture gently envelops the skin.
  • Easy to use bath oil. Dilutes well in bathwater.

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Bath oil

The Stelatopia bath oil works for the after-drying effects of hard water. It gives an instantly restored oil texture to the body after bathing. 

It leaves long-lasting effects on your body by compensating for the drying effects of hard water. 

Prevent irritation and gives calming effects 

It works by giving a soothing effect to your body and makes you get rid of irritation after taking a bath with hard water.

Body cleanser 

It also cleanses the whole body and gives protection to the baby’s skin. It is best for babies ’ and children’s skin. 

Easy to use bath oil

The Stelatopia bath oil is easy to use. You can dilute it in your bath water and can take a bath afterward. 

How to use it?

  • You can use this bath oil for the babies. All you need to do is to take 2-3 cups of this oil and pour it into bathwater. 

  • For best lipid restoration, it is suggested not to rinse it off. You can gently dry it off. It can be used daily as per your need. 

  • You can add Stelatopia Emollient Balm or Cream as a follow-up to your routine.

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