Pediavit Multi Oral Drops 50 ml

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The pediavit multivitamin oral solution can be dispensed directly into the mouth or mix with formula, fruit juice, cereals or other foods. It is paraben, aspartame, and alcohol-free.

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Multi oral drops 

The Pediavit Oral solution can be directly poured into the mouth or can be mixed with any juice or food. 

Promote overall health of children 

It is very crucial for maintaining the overall health of your child. 

Prevent deficiency of vitamins 

It helps in preventing the deficiency of vitamins. It contains all essential vitamins such as vitamin A, D3, C, B1, B2, Niacinamide, and vitamin E. 

Growth and development of children

It supports the proper growth and development of children. It is essential for the brain and nervous system as well. 

Vitamin A

It contains vitamin A which is essential for eye and skin health. It is also essential for the immune system and protects children from different diseases. 

Vitamin D

It contains vitamin D, which is essential for the bone health of children. It maintains the use and absorption of calcium and phosphorus. 

Natural and safe

It is made with natural ingredients for children. It is complete alcohol, aspartate, and paraben-free solution. It does not contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates and sulfates. 

Recommended for

Pediavit multi-oral drops are recommended for children of age under three years. 

How to use it?

It is suggested to take 1ml in a day as per your physician’s advice. 

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