Avene Ultra High Protection Cream Spf50 - Tinted 50ml

AED 147.00

Very high sun protection for dry sensitive skin on the face.
No white marks. Water-resistant. Silicone-free.
Extremely broad-spectrum UVB-UVA protection. Photostable.

  • Skin hypersensitive to the sun
  • Skin alaways prone to sunburn
  • Skin exposed to intense sunlight


Adapted to dry skin, cream Avene 50 +, with a rich, non-greasy texture is applied quickly without leaving any trace. The tinted cream can conceal skin imperfections, which make up the skin is difficult or uneven pigmentation and improve the tone with an effect 'happy face.' The unscented version is recommended especially for sensitive skin are allergic to perfumes. Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic product Properties: Sunscreen, Effective against all sun rays (UVB-UVA long and short). Very water resistant, durable thanks to its excellent resistance to water and perspiration. Antioxidant, thanks to pre-Tocopheryl, a precursor of vitamin E, which strengthens the skin barrier. Soothing and anti-irritant, With its wealth of Avene Thermal Water Composition: Avene Thermal Water, MPI-SORB, Tinosorb-M and Tinosorb - S, Pre-Tocopheryl Indications: Sensitive skin facial dry to very dry. Ultra high protection for very sensitive skin clear or milky (blond, red hair) and, more generally, of all skin exposed to intense sun. Directions for use: Before sun exposure, apply the cream evenly over the skin. The use of this product should not encourage prolonged exposure to the sun. Repeat frequently applied in case of prolonged exposure and after swimming. Avoid exposure between 12 and 16h. Burns are dangerous, especially for children.

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