Canderel Green 100 Tablets

AED 14.70
Canderel Green is a more recent addition to the Canderel range. These tablets are made using an extract of the stevia leaf, known as Reb A, which has a naturally sweet taste and contains no calories.

In South America, the stevia leaf has been utilized as a natural sweetener for many hundreds of years. It is over 200 times sweeter than sugar, so only a small amount is needed to add a touch of sweet goodness to proceedings.

This pack of tablets is the perfect option when you are out and about; simply keep it in your handbag or pocket, and treat yourself to a delicious sweetener or two any time you order a cup of tea or coffee.

Most popular with customers in Sweden, but you can buy Canderel Green Stevia 100 Tablets for delivery worldwide.

One of our Canderel branded products.

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