Lovi Expert 2-Phase 3D Pumping Manual Breast Pump

AED 309.75
  • Precisely massages, presses and sucks the nipple thanks to a unique funnel, entirely made of silicone

  • Easily assembled and used

  • A comprehensive solution for mother and child that protects lactation and supports natural feeding


  • Soft funnel using new 3D Pumping Technology:The silicone funnel uses all of its surface.
  • Dynamic Feeding Teat:Teat made of heterogeneous silicone layers: a thin tip and a hard base. Expands and shrinks with the child€™s suckling rhythm, mobilises the jaw muscles to work actively. The child has to try to receive the milk from the teat. The hard base from thicker silicone enables stable, wide lip positioning on the teat. 
  • Milk storage accessories:The bottle has a tight cap, so after pumping the milk is protected from spilling and can be safely stored in the fridge.
  • Cup for administating water:Profiled cup with scale enables watering and administration of liquid medicines or distended food.
  • Conveninet bag for loose parts:Keeps all breastpump parts in one place. Easy to store in a handbag or luggage.


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