Sissel Vinotherm

AED 173.25
  • 100% grape seed filling €“ no further filling material added
  • pleasant scent when heated
  • easy and fast heating in microwave or oven
  • tri-sectional shape for convenient usage and perfect fit


Packs and pads packed with natural fillings such as cherry stones, linseed and grape seeds have been used for centuries to aid body and soul with healing warmth. These products are even more in demand today because of their sustainability and reusability. When warmed, the contents give off a slightly moist and therapeutic warmth which can be enhanced by using a container of water during heating. Because the SISSEL® packs are generously filled, they hold both, heat and cold, for long periods of time.
Hot Packs: An aid to warm up specific muscles before massage or physiotherapy, or for relaxation. A traditional home remedy for the relief of back pain, neck tension, constipation, menstrual pains or discomfort. If recommended by a medical professional, used for the relief of, for example, rheumatic pains.
Cold Packs: On the recommendation of medical professionals, a treatment for strains, bruising, joint inflammation e.g. acute bursitis, swellings, headaches, migraine, circulation problems.
Please note: Heat should not be applied in cases of undiagnosed or acute infections or where fever is present. Do not use in cases of cardiovascular disease, impaired sensitivity to heat or cold, on open wounds,tumors or eczema. Do not use on non-compliant patients, those with sensitive bladders or kidneys, or on infants under 1 year as their sensitivity to warmth or cold can differ from that of adults and they are unable to remove what they may feel as an unpleasant heat or coldness. Check the temperature of the pack on your wrist before use.Do not wet the pack. If you prefer a moist heat, place a heat-proof container of water near the pack during heating.
Heating:Heat the pack for 60 seconds at 600 Watt. Remove from the microwave and check the temperature. If further heating is required, turn the pack over and shake it, then heat for another 20 seconds. Check again
and if necessary repeat until the desired temperature is reached. Ensure the microwave plate is clean and without any residue in order to avoid burns to the material.
Heating in an oven: Wrap the pack in aluminum foil and heat for 4 - 8 minutes at 70 - 100°C. Be careful when taking the pack out of the oven. Check it carefully and if required, put the pack continue heating in short intervals.
Cooling:To protect the cover keep the SISSEL® pack in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer. Take the pack out a short time before use.


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