Wally's Natural Lavender Paraffin 4's

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  • Used For Centuries, Ear Candles Aid the Ears in Their Natural Cleansing Abilities
  • All Natural
  • 4 Ear Candles
  • Easy To Light

Ear Candling has been performed all over the world for many centuries. It is an all-natural process used to soothe the ears and to help relieve pain and itching from infections and other conditions. The process helps soften old, hardened earwax and assists the body to excrete excess ear wax. Other benefits may include helping dry out fluids in the ear canal. Wally's Ear Candles have been used by millions of people worldwide, with positive results.

  • Ear candling is a soothing and relaxing process. Warm smoke flows into the ears making them feel better and helping to loosen old, hard ear wax.
  • It can take several days to experience the full effect of one candling session.
  • Contrary to some beliefs, this ancient practice does not draw ear wax out of your ears.

Directions of Use:


  • Always have a helper perform the process
  • Always use caution around fire
  • Use a pie tin or aluminum plate as an ash catcher
  • Never burn the candle shorter than 4 inches from the ear
  • Let the candle burn; do not blow it out while performing the process
  • Cut off the ash when it becomes 1 inch long; let the candle continue burning
  • When the candle has burned down to 4 inches, remove the candle and extinguish in water
  • Always cover the head and shoulders with a damp towel or flameproof cloth
  • The candle should fit snugly and never be forced into the ear canal
  • Sitting up in the modern recommended method for ear candling, angling the candle upwards at about a 25-degree angle.
  • 2-4 candles can be used per session
  • Materials found inside the candle after use may be debris from the burning process


Quality food-grade paraffin wax, unbleached cotton muslin and essential oil of lavender.

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