Profertil Male Capsules 60's

AED 490.00   (VAT Inclusive)
  • Increase male fertility
  • Improve sperm count and density
  • Produce fast and motile sperm
  • Reduce the rate of malformations and miscarriages

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In most of the cases, male subfertility is a result of insufficient sperm production. A 58% decline in sperm count over the past 50 years has been documented in studies.1) An analysis of more than 100 published studies shows a significant decline in sperm density over the past 60 years, primarily in the United States and in Europe/Australia (between 1-3%/year). 2)3) Suboptimal fertility in men has many reasons – in industrialized countries, it is the influence of genetics, stress and of changes in lifestyle, but also nutrient supply deficiencies have contributed towards reduced production and quality of sperm cells.

PROfertil supports fertility in men with the desire to have children by providing nutritional support for healthy sperm quality. Its possible positive nutritional effects have been demonstrated in a number of clinical studies.

PROfertil® nutritional support:

  • For men who want to optimize their fertility before fathering their first child
  • For men who already have a child and want nutritional support for long-term fertility - even into their older years

Scientifically formulated to:

  • provide nutrients in a specific synergetic combination to support male fertility
  • intended to support male fertility nutritionally

How to take PROfertil:

Two capsules should be taken per day with or after a meal and together with something to drink.

The capsules should be taken for a period of at least three months in order to assure complete nutritional support to optimize each individual phase of spermatogenesis.

However, PROfertil can and should be continued until pregnancy.

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