Reparil Gel 100 g Tube

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Reparil-Gel N is an anti-inflammatory pain-relieving aescin-gel which combats swelling and edema. Reparil-Gel has anti-inflammatory and heparin-like effects. Reparil-Gel cools the painful area and well tolerated.

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Reparil gel 

It is an anti-inflammatory gel, and it has pain-relieving properties. It is an ascen gel that is used to treat edema and swelling. Reparil gel has heparin life properties and reduces the pain and cools down the painful areas, and gives you immediate relief. 

Reparil gel uses 

There are many uses of Reparil cream, such as:

  1. It treats muscle and joint pain. 

  2.  It treats and reduces the swelling due to pain in joints and muscle areas. 

  3.  It treats injuries in sports or accidents. It is also effective in treating Crush injuries and blunt trauma. 

  4. Reparil gel is used to treat joint sprains, muscle strains, and tenosynovitis. 

  5.  Reparil cream is used to treat varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and intravenous infusion as well. 

Ingredients in Reparil n gel

The active ingredients of reparil gel are diethylamine salicylate 5 g, and per 100 g Aescin 1 g.

Non-greasy reparil gel 

This gel is non-greasy and does not make smears. It protects the skin from infections and is suitable for sensitive skin as well. 

Reparil gel for babies

You can reduce your child's pain due to minor injuries and cuts with the help of reparil N Gel. 

Reparil gel price

Reparil gel is available at a very affordable price in Dubai (UAE) at the Life pharmacy store. You can buy it from a pharmacy or can order it online at the Life Pharmacy website as well. 

How to use reparil gel for bruises?

If you have minor cuts, injuries, or bruises, then you can use Reparil gel to treat them. The suggested way to use reparil gel for bruises is:

  • Apply the reparil cream to the affected area. 

  • Apply the cream several times a day. 

Reparil gel in pregnancy

  • If you are pregnant, then Reparil Gel N should not be used in the first three months of pregnancy. 

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then covering the large areas should be avoided.

  • Do not apply the Reparil gel to the breast area when you are breastfeeding. 

Side effects of Reparil gel 

  • One of the major side effects of this gel is that it can cause allergic cutaneous manifestation in rare cases. 

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