Sebamed Baby Lotion 200 ml

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The Sebamed Baby Body Lotion - 200 ml deeply moisturizes baby's skin, helping to protect them from skin conditions at an early age. The best baby skincare begins with pH-balanced barrier support and that's exactly what our specially formulated Baby Lotion provides. Made to gently moisturize your child's delicate and developing skin, our lotion helps to guard against dry skin and skin problems, such as psoriasis and diaper rashes. Apply a generous amount after bathing to seal in moisture and keep your baby feeling snuggly and soft.

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Best baby lotion

The Sebamed 200ml Baby Lotion instantly absorbs in your baby’s skin without leaving it oily. It gently locks moisture in the skin and fights against dryness. The lotion is formulated with the extract of Chamomilla Recutita that fights the skin from inflammation and irritation, while the allantoin in the formula keeps the skin soft and moist. The lotion is available in a 200ml package. 

Lotion for baby’s sensitive skin 

For a baby’s gentle skin, the formula is free from parabens, dyes, and phthalates. It is perfectly designed to keep your skin pH-balanced, clinically tested to produce a mild and gentle effect on the skin, and is hypoallergenic in nature. 

Lotion for baby

The nourishing lotion is designed for the gentle and delicate skin of your newborns. It locks moisture in the face and body of the baby for 24 hours. 

Recommended for baby’s sensitive skin 

Recommended from a pediatrician brand, this moisturizing lotion is designed specially by keeping in mind the soft and gentle skin of newborn babies. 

Features of Sebamed Baby lotion 

  • The formula is carefully designed to lock the moisture and maintain your baby’s gentle skin by constantly fighting against dryness.

  • The presence of an emollient complex makes sure to guard the protective layer of the baby and quickly gets absorbed in the skin without leaving an oily residue. 

  • The lotion is tested by a dermatologist and clinically proven. 

  • The allantoin not only keeps the skin soft and smooth but also leaves the skin free from nitro mochus compounds like nitrosamines, formaldehyde, and dioxin. 

  • The formula is designed with 7% of lipid compounds oil in the water emulsion and clinically proven with a pH of 5.5 is found effective in promoting the growth of the acid mantle. 

How to use it? 

Massage the lotion in the delicate and soft skin of the baby after you bathe them. 

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