Tiger Balm 30 g -Red

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Tiger Balm Red 30g is a massage cream that contains an exclusive formula composed of best-quality essential oils.Tiger Balm (for the skin) is a combination medicine used to relieve minor muscle or joint pain. Tiger Balm may also be used as a chest rub to soothe chest congestion and relieve cough caused by the flu or common cold.

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Tiger balm 

Tiger Balm Red is the best massage cream used for skin. It is made up of high-quality essential oils, which give a soothing effect to the skin. 

Best for muscle or joint pain

It is a combination cream used for a variety of purposes, such as to treat muscle/joint pain. It is also quite beneficial as a chest rub to get rid of chest congestion and cough. It gives soothing and relieving effects after rubbing on the chest and treats viral infections such as flu and cold. 

Herbal and natural ingredients 

The natural and herbal ingredients found in this balm are quite effective for topical use to get quick relief from aches. It has been found to relieve pain for aches such as neck, muscles, arthritis, 

Instant relief from pain 

Tiger balm pain-relieving ointment (Sports ultra) has been made as a quick but temporary way to get relief from mild muscle and joint pains. 

Works effectively 

Tiger balm has been used for a long time to give comfort for body aches such as arthritis, sprains, overexertion, strains, and pains found in other parts of the body. 

For external use 

It is recommended not to use it directly on open wounds and injuries. Try using it with care, avoiding contact with mucous membranes and even eyes. It is not suggested to use heating pads and bandages along with this ointment. 

How to use it?

It is recommended to rub this Tiger balm pain-relieving ointment on the affected part of the body, 3-4 times a day.

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