Today Contraceptive

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This 24-hour vaginal contraceptive sponge is intended for the prevention of pregnancy.

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This birth control product is a soft, disposable polyurethane foam sponge containing 1000 mg of nonoxynol 9, which kills sperm on contact. It is inserted into the vagina and while in place provides protection against pregnancy for 24 hours. As long as the sponge is in place in the vagina, there is no need to add additional spermicidal creams or jellies, even if intercourse is repeated.

Used as directed, Today® Sponge prevents pregnancy in three ways:

1) the nonoxynol 9 contained in Today® Sponge kills sperm before they can reach the egg;

2) Today® Sponge blocks the cervix opening to the uterus so the sperm cannot enter;

3) Today® Sponge traps and absorbs the sperm.

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