Trister Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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  • SpO2, PR, Pulse Bar, and Waveform displayed
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Small, Lightweight, and with Very Low Power Consumption
  • Dual Color, OLED Display
  • High accuracy
  • Pulse rate
  • Oxygen saturation
  • 6 months warranty

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Oxygen for life

Oxygen is essential for life. Oxygen is supplied to our body via the bloodstream with the help of transport carriers. The normal oxygen saturation value in a healthy person is 94% to 99%. If the oxygen saturation values below this level, then it can cause serious problems.

Trister Oximeter

In previous times, the levels of oxygen could only be measured by taking the blood, but now it can be measured with the help of pulse oximetry. Trister oximeter is an external meter that helps to measure the levels of oxygen by analyzing the color of blood.

Trister Oximeter review

Many people say that by measuring the oxygen levels with the help of a trister oximeter, they save themselves from oxygen starvation (hypoxia). Sportspeople say that the Trister oximeter helps them to measure their oxygen levels when they do intense workouts.

Features of trister finger pulse oximeter

Trister fingertip pulse oximeter has many advanced features such as:

  • It has better accuracy (70%~100%±2%; 0%~69% no definition) and resolution (1%).

  • It has a measurement range of 70%~100%.

  • The pulse oximeter has a display range of 30%~100%.

  • The display range of pulse rate is 30bpm~250bpm.

  • The measuring range of pulse rate is 30bpm~250bpm.

Best pulse oximeter UAE

You can get a pulse oximeter in UAE from the Life pharmacy store. The package includes a device, instruction manual, lanyard, carrying case, and batteries. It has 2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries.

Easy to use Trister oximeter

It is very easy to use an oximeter. It is small and light in weight with low power consumption. It comes in a dual color and OLED display.

High accuracy oximeter

It gives high accuracy measurements and pulse rate.

Pulse oximeter price in Dubai (UAE)

Trister oximeter is available at a very reasonable price in Dubai, UAE. You can order it online at the Life Pharmacy website. Trister oximeter has six months of warranty as well. 

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