Uni Zinc Oxide Plaster 5cm x 5Mtrs

AED 7.35   (VAT Inclusive)
Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape is a non-stretch, 100% cotton tape that is easy to tear and effective in securing dressings in most parts of the body.

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Uni zinc Oxide Plaster Tape, also known as ZOP, is one of the most commonly used medical tapes/bandages due to its affordability and versatility. Made of high quality, medical-grade cotton with strong adhesiveness, this tape has been made even more effective and affordable due to our improved hotmelt adhesive which is stronger and longer lasting than pure Zinc Oxide adhesive. Available in a wide range of sizes and in both skin and white colors, zinc oxide adhesive bandage is capable of absorbing perspiration, providing effortless peeling after use.
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