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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10): Benefits & Side Effects

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The body can produce the Coenzyme Q10 itself, but the deficiency of CoQ10 can lead to many serious health conditions.

In order to prevent the deficiency of Coq10, healthcare professionals recommend the coenzyme Q10 supplements.

It is a naturally generated antioxidant in the body and naturally produces in mitochondria which are the organelle of the cell.

It is an important source of providing benefits related to the heart, guarding cells, and energy production in the body.

In our body, CoQ10 has some of the vital functions like providing energy to the cells for proper functioning.

For minimizing oxidative pressure in the body, it neutralizes free radicals in the cell and shelters them. Oxidative pressure has adverse consequences of swelling, destruction of tissues, and cellular death.

Oxidative pressure is associated with various disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Health benefits of coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 200mg and CoQ10 100mg both supplements are available, and they have many health benefits such as;

1.     Coenzyme Q10 for improving heart health

Mainly among the elderly population, it has the benefits of treating particular heart problems, specifically high BP and congestive failure of the heart.

Studies demonstrated diversified outcomes related to the efficiency of CoQ10 for hearth conditions.

Conversely, one research showed that coenzyme Q10 plays an essential role in the survival of older people who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

2.     Coenzyme Q10 for reducing migraines

American Headache Society and American Academy of Neurology say that CoQ10 works as an effective agent for migraines prevention.

But there are likely chances of migraines prevention because, as a result of this enzyme, mitochondria in the cells remain healthy.

3.     CoQ10 for fertility

With the advancing age, woman fertility declines because of a reduction in the quality and amount of eggs in them.

CoQ10 has a direct association with this mechanism because, with aging, the production of CoQ10 slows down. As a result, eggs are less likely prevented from oxidative damage.

Taking supplements of CoQ10 may converse to the reduction in quantity and quality of eggs.

Likewise, reduction in this enzyme may affect men’s sperm by reducing the amount and quality of sperms in males and making them infertile.

4.     Coenzyme Q10 for healthy skin

Skin is considered as the biggest organ of the human body, and it has wide contact with the exterior and interior harmful factors which are contributing to aging before time, which are ultraviolet radiation as an external source and hormonal problem and cellular destruction as an internal source.

5.     Coenzyme Q10 for better Exercise Performance

It can be difficult to perform exercise due to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress also affects proper muscular functioning.

Likewise, abnormal functioning of mitochondria might reduce muscular energy resulting in difficulty in exercise and muscular contraction.

Thus, CoQ10 can be helpful for reviving the function of mitochondria and performance in exercise by reducing the stress of oxidation in cells.

6.     Coenzyme Q10 for treating Diabetes

Cells may damage due to oxidative stress resulting in metabolic ailments, for example, diabetes.

The problem in the proper functioning of mitochondria has been associated with the resistance of insulin.

CoQ10 works as a blood sugar level regulator by improving the sensitivity of insulin.

Those individuals who are diabetics can take supplements of CoQ10 to increase the amount of this enzyme three times in their blood.

Side effects of Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 supplements seem harmless and bearable, but there are some disadvantages of these supplements, which are sleeplessness, fatigue, irritability, digestive problems, headache, and sensitivity to light.

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