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Best Baby Massage Oil: The benefits and Well-Known Brands

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Massages help relax the baby and are considered healthy; even you may be able to enjoy them. Oils used for massage can make a big difference.

The baby’s skin is kept healthy by massaging with oil, keeping the sensitive skin secure and moisturized.

Different oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or baby oil have different qualities; every oil is not suitable for the baby’s skin.

Oil considered ‘natural’ is still not by any means safe to apply on the skin of the baby.    

Benefits of Best Baby Massage Oil

There are many benefits of baby massage oil such as:

Baby massage oil improves sleep

Child care specialists suggest the parents massage the babies for 15 minutes before sleep time and also read bedtime stories before bed because it helps babies to sleep well. 

Parents will sleep peacefully if their child does, which is helped by massaging the child with oil for more sound sleep. 

baby massage oil

Mustela Baby oil stimulates growth hormone 

A doctor examined the effects of massage on preterm babies and saw that babies massaged by their parents 15 minutes for three times per day obtained more weight and were bound to leave hospital six days before than the babies not being massaged.

Mustela oil improves the functioning of gastrointestinal tract 

Gas, colic, and constipation easily disturbs the babies and parents. 

When the apply the massage therapy, you will see the improvement in baby’s digestion and it also relieves from the gas causing pain and disturbance in a matter of minutes.

Baby massage oil relieves the pain

When a baby starts teething, it results in pain for the baby and, in extension, for parents. By using face massage therapy, endorphins produce in baby’s body and it helps to ease the pain.

Hormone such as cortisol which is a stress hormone decreases as you massage the baby with baby oil.

As a baby’s skin is sensitive, varieties of oils considered safe are available that can be selected. Use these oils while massaging and also to hydrate the skin.

Some oils will satisfy the baby more than other oils such as 

· Coconut oil

A study conducted in 2020 showed that using virgin coconut oil on newborns increases the strength of skin and keeps it healthy.

baby massage oil

· Almond oil

A research from 2020 showed that using almond oil as massaging oil for babies is beneficial, as almond oil is abundant in vitamin E.

· Baby oil

Baby oil is mineral oil. Mineral oils are considered safe to use on babies, like petroleum jelly, as noted in the 2020 medical review.

· Rosehip oil

Baby’s skin is improved by using rosehip oil, which is rich in fats. Itching and redness are relieved by using this, caused due to skin rashes and baby eczema.

Best baby massage oils

There are many well-known brands in the market which provides best baby massage oils such as:

· Mustela Baby Massage Oil with Avocado

The Baby massage oil with avocado contains natural ingredients up to 99%. It has many beneficial effects, including moisturizing the skin and relaxing. 

· Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

Sebamed Baby Massage Oil consists of non-greasy massage oil that consists mainly of herbal compounds which act to keep safe the baby’s skin that is sensitive.

· Soskin Baby Massage Oil Body & Hair Scalp

With a blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and F, and many other emollient agents, the skin is smoothed, silky and moisturized due to these components. Since it is non-fatty in nature, it clears away any milk crust present on the scalp. 

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