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Best Nutrients to Build Bone Strength

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Our bone starts decaying as we age, and it is correct. Bone loss leads to osteoporosis, meaning that the bones become so fragile and weak that they rupture easily.

Disability in individuals and children is mostly due to fractures from osteoporosis. Fortunately, the positive part is that it is an abnormality that can be dealt with to make your bones strong and healthy. 

Firstly, it is important to attain all the nutrients required to make your bone growth proper. “Osteoporosis and bone loss can be decreased by taking a healthy diet.” 

Essential Nutrients for Bones are Calcium and Vitamin D

Bone tissue requires natural building block calcium. Vitamin D is needed by the body to absorb and work over calcium. Both of these are essential for the healthy bones. 

For adults, about 1000 mg of calcium every day is recommended by the Institute of Medicine and 1200 mg/day for women after menopause and for men after they turn 70.

calcium and vitamin d

Sources of Calcium

The most common natural sources of calcium are found in milk and dairy products. By consuming three servings of dairy products every day, you can easily fulfill the body’s requirement of calcium.

Calcium is also present in other foods such as leafy green vegetables, calcium-fortified orange juice, and broccoli.

Consult your doctor if you do not have an intake of that nutrition, so they can suggest calcium supplements. Many researchers think that most Americans do not have sufficient vitamin D, which is an important nutrient.

Body synthesizes this vitamin when you in the sun or your skin expose to sun. “During the winter season, in different areas of the country, where the sun is not fully visible, it is difficult to develop vitamin D through the Sun.

The Elderly are more prone to develop vitamin deficiency and the main reason is their body has less ability to synthesize vitamin D by itself at that age.    

Sources of Vitamin D

Some foods have vitamin D in them, and its deficiency is very common in all ages. There are many foods available in which vitamin D is present such as egg yolks, red meat, liver, yogurt brands and milk. People who have 25(OH)D below 20ng/ml and 25(OH)D of 21-29ng/ml are vitamin D deficient. 

For good bone health, about less than 600IU of vitamin D is essential in adults. However, some people need to enhance their blood level with up to 2000IU of 25(OH) vitamin D more than 30ng/ml. About 800IU of vitamin D is essential for 70 years adults and older to avoid the occurrence of fractures or falls. 

calcium and vitamin d

Osteocare Tablets – Vitabiotics

The product at the world’s no 1 bone health formula is for Osteocare Original, which has been formulated scientifically based on new research conducted to provide a good source of calcium and co-factors like vitamin D, which aids in the natural absorption of calcium by the body. 

The most desired D3 form of vitamin D is present in Osteocare. Vitamin D3, namely; cholecalciferol, is the type and form of vitamin D. Skin produce this vitamin when exposed to the sun. It is the distinct form of vitamin D and human body produces it and it is more effective than D2, which is present in supplements. 

Calcium as co-factors

A combination of 100% NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) of calcium with co-factors like vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium are present in Osteocare Original, which aids in keeping good bone health. 

Osteocare Calcium is important for everyone

Men and women should take proper intake of calcium at every age of their life. According to research and healthcare professionals, natural bone health and maximum bone mineralization process works properly due to proper intake of calcium and trace elements. Peak bone mass that occurs in childhood and adolescent growth is essential for regulating and maintaining bones.  

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