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Kids Disposable Face Mask: How to Choose the Best One?

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With the pandemic that occurred in the last year and is continued, putting on a face mask has become quite essential to protect your loved ones and others against the lethal COVID-19, even with children.

During this pandemic you should use the best quality preventive care products like kids disposable face mask, kids hand sanitizer and infrared thermometer gun, to protect your kids from coronavirus.

Even though aged individuals and those with existing medical illnesses (including asthma, diabetes, heart disease) are more susceptible to become ill with this virus, as said by World Health Organization (WHO), kids are more likely to spread the infection since they have mild symptoms as compared to others.

Kids show milder symptoms and are not severely ill as compared to adults with symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Since these symptoms are not majorly shown in the kids, they are more liable to spread the infection to others. 

How to choose the best disposable face mask for kids?

“It is important that a face mask is chosen which fits your child’s face perfectly, so he does not have the compulsion to constantly touch his face or adjust the mask.”

Modeling mask-wearing is another way to increase this practice as kids are more likely to wear the masks if they see grownups following the practice.

If your kids are participating in a remote school, then it is important for them to follow proper mask-wearing etiquette since they will be wearing one for their trips too. 

Guidelines to choose the protective mask for kids

You should follow the following criteria while buying a best disposable mask for kids. There are some guidelines such as;

3-ply Face masks

There should be multiple fabric layers present. 

Kids disposable face mask should fit properly

Face masks should fit properly and tightly on the face. 

Child size face mask

Disposable mask should be of child size. Ear loops or ties must be resent to secure it. 

Easy breathing surgical mask

Breathing should be possible without any hindrance, even with the face mask on. 

Best 3-ply surgical mask

Disposable Face masks for kids should be removed easily and should have the ability to allow good breathing room, recommended by healthcare practitioners. 

3-ply surgical mask ear loop

It is necessary to supervise wearing of masks, especially for kids, because looping the strings around the neck or head presents the case of strangulation risks.

What type of face mask should be worn by the kids against COVID-19?

Non-medical or fabric masks or 3ply face mask can be worn by kids who are in perfectly good health.

It is a method of source control, which means that if the kid is infected and does not know, the transmission of the virus can still be stopped this way. The adult picking out the mask should keep in mind that the mask is of appropriate size and covers the nose, mouth, and chin of the child properly.

However, kids dealing with medical conditions like cancer, cystic fibrosis or immunosuppression, should consult their doctors on wearing medical masks instead. Everyone should wear a medical mask is who is more at risk of getting COVID-19 to protect him against the virus and stop its spreading to others. 


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Buy disposable face mask 

You can buy disposable face masks for kids from Life Pharmacy store. You can buy face masks online also from Life Pharmacy store. 

Different types and designs of face masks are available for kids such as;

Disposable face mask price

Surgical or disposable  face mask for kids are available at very affordable price. 

Should kids wear the masks in home during COVID-19?

If a child is tolerable to wear the mask long-term, he should definitely wear it if he has symptoms that suggest the onset of COVID-19.

Despite mild symptoms, you should separate the child from others, and consult for medical help as soon as possible. 

Caregivers or family members who need to be within 1 meter or closer to the child should also wear masks.

If a member of the house has tested positive or feeling sick for a while then you should isolate him. It will protect everyone else from getting the COVID-19 virus.

Kid should wear the mask if he/she goes within 1 meter of the sick person by both the individuals. 

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