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Sun can make a day beautiful but can be extremely dangerous to your skin. Even if you don't see it immediately, you get wrinkles and age spots, and the ultra-violet rays can lead to skin cancer.

The ultraviolet light of the sun (UV) damages skin fibers called elastin over. The skin begins to stretch and sag when these fibers break down. It also tears and bruises the skin making it longer to heal.

Going out during the daytime can cause the skin to have a rough texture, freckles, white spots, yellowing of skin and discoloration in different areas of skin, often known as mottled pigmentation. It can also cause small blood vessels to widen under your skin.

Tips for sun care

Face sunscreen 

No matter what the day or weather and in every season, wear sunscreen. It should be equipped with the sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, also known as 'wide-spectrum often mentioned on the label. Put it on for 15 minutes at least before leaving. Use 1 ounce, which is enough to fill the glass of a shot.

Sunblock cream 

After every 80 minutes, reapply your sunblock cream. Reapply the sunscreen after going swimming or workout. 

Protected glasses and wear long-sleeve shirts 

Wear UV-protected sunglasses. Wear shirts with long sleeves and pants with wide-brimmed hats.

Do not go outside

Avoid going out in the sun from 10 am to 2 pm. 

Check your skin type

Regularly check your skin so that you know it is normal for your skin type and notice the changes or any new growths.

Best Sunblock for face 

Apply cosmetics and lenses that have ultraviolet protection. Despite this, apply sunblock to the face and wear sunglasses with a broad spectrum to protect yourself from the sun. There are many sunblocks available in the market. 

Sunscreen for kids 

As a parent, make sure to protect your child’s skin and put them in practice to have a routine of these habits. 

Tanning beds 

Avoid using tanning beds.

Best sunscreen for face

You should apply sunscreen on your face, which is according to your skin type because wrong ingredients in sunscreen can cause skin damage. 

Best sunscreen for oily skin

If you have oily skin, then buy sunscreen for oily skin, which contains effective and safe ingredients because oily skin is prone to acne, so make sure you are buying the right sunscreen.