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Dark circles develop around the lower lids of eyes found commonly in both men and women. Dark circles are often accompanied by eye bags, resulting in you looking older than your age. Speaking of making matters worse, they can be quite hard to get free of. 

Dark circles can be developed in anyone, but they are found frequently in people who: 

  • Are older in age
  • Belong from a non-white ethnic group (people with darker tones of the skin are more likely to have hyperpigmentation around their eyes)
  • Consist of genetic predisposition to the condition mentioned in brackets (periorbital hyperpigmentation)

The most justified reason for the appearance of dark circles seems to be fatigue. There can be multiple reasons for promoting the appearance of dark patches around the eyes. In the majority of cases, they do not need medical attention and no reason to worry about it. 

Tips for removal of dark circles and dark circles treatment

1. Getting adequate sleep

Some people develop dark circles when they are unable to get the required amount of sleep. Disturbance in the sleeping cycle can worsen the appearance of dark circles. Sources prove that proper sleep and good health can reduce dark circles. 

2. Dark circles treatment with cold compresses 

One of the best treatments for dark circles is cold compresses. Cold compresses can be used by people with increased vasculature below their eyes.

The blood vessels around the eyes are constricted by using cold compresses that may decrease their presence on the skin area. Cold compresses not only minimize the swelling but also decrease the dark color around the eyes. 

3. Minimize sun exposure

The appearance of dark circles can be reduced by protecting the skin from harmful rays of the sun. In a few people, ultraviolet radiation can increase dark eye circles.

You can protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiations by applying moisturizers formulated with sunscreens or the use of hats to guard against the rays and reduce the risk of dark circles becoming worse. 

4. Cucumber slices and tea bags

Frequently people apply slices of cucumber to their eyes to reduce the puffiness and dark circles. Although how it works is still a mystery, because of the cooling effect of cucumber, it results in a visible reduction of allergies, eczema, and swelling caused due to sleeping. 

Others use tea bags as an alternative to reduce dark circles. Allowing the tea bags to cool in a refrigerator before applying them to the eyes has a similar result as cold slices of cucumber or cold compresses.

Some recommend that caffeinated tea bags should be used because caffeine can also limit the vessels of blood and decrease their appearance on the skin.

5. Vitamin C for dark circle removal 

The development of collagen can be increased by vitamin C. Increased development of collagen under the eyes can minimize blood stasis, which might also produce discoloration. Blood stasis is known as the blood that flows in the blood vessels. 

People may notice the reduced appearance of dark circles under their eyes when using beauty products with high concentrations of vitamin C.

6. Best eye creams 

One of the best eye creams for dark circles is retinoid cream. Beauty stores are stacked with retinoid creams; the eye creams for dark circles can also help to stimulate the development of collagen and reduce the appearance of dark patches below the eyes.

The creams are formulated with vitamin A, which also reduces melanin found in the skin. Melanin is responsible for giving color to the skin. 

Retinoids are not suitable for every person. Before applying retinoid creams, you should ask your doctor or other medical practitioners.

7. Concealers and makeup

Nowadays, people take the help of makeup to cover their dark circles. Foundations of mineral makeup can also help to hide the appearance of dark circles. 

A type of cosmetic that helps the light to reflect away from the skin is known as optical diffusers. They are also effective in reducing dark patches around the eyes.

Cosmetics are a temporary means to hide the appearance of dark circles; they do not help in reducing or eliminating the dark circles. 

8. Best under eye cream for dark circles

According to dermatologists and experts, one can reduce the dark circles under the eyes with the help of under-eye cream for dark circles and other healthy skincare products.

Dark circles under the eye are due to the combination of pigments, blood vessels, and thickness of the skin.