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People turned to low maintenance hair colors and haircuts in 2020 during the quarantine. There are plenty of opportunities to change your 'do' or appearance as the new year is here. Bustle has spoken to top experts for some inspiration to learn all the top 2021 trends in hair colors which is worth thinking about.

Hair coloring trends 2021

Some of the hair color 2020 trends are changes and new trends are; 

· Glossy Black

This year is all about a glossy, deep black. "It feels sultry, rich, healthy" It is a colour that requires low maintenance.

· Brown Highlights

2021 will be all about brown tones. "Warm, rich tones which are a little lighter than a natural brown base is such a good and safer way to make your look brighter and smoother. The brown tones instantly give you a new look. 

· Baby Pink

What is a huge trend right now? Baby Pink hair. Avoid frequent washing of hair, so the color stays for a longer run. 

· Gray

"You might look fresher and younger with grey hair ironically," Check with your colorist to make sure that you have a shade that does not wash out your skin.

Tips for maintaining best hair color 

1. Wash your hair less frequently

One of the simplest factors about hair dye is the more you wash it, the more it fades away. Avoid washing your hair every day or frequently.


2. Skip straight to the conditioner

 For years you've had difficulties weaning off daily washing. Skip the shampoo and jump straight to a conditioner, and put your hair on the "low-poo" diet. Without washing away that crazy colour, you can add softness, shine, and nourishment.


3. Pick the right shampoo

Color protective shampoo was invented for a reason. During regular shampoos, your colour can be washed away, and the colour fades fast. Choose a "low sulphate" shampoo with whatever you do because it helps you wash out your hairless colour.


4. Condition, condition, condition

 After coloring the hair, it becomes more fragile. It helps the colour to exit, and that is when the fading process starts. Add oils, conditioning polymers, butter, and other hydrate elements in your hair care routine to become a protective barrier. Avoid your color making a bid for freedom.


5. Right shade for hair dye

You should choose the right shade for dying your hair as it can also represent your personality. 


Benefits of Hair color for women

There are many benefits of hair coloring, such as;

Ladies’ hair color add thickness 

Hair color helps to add thickness to hair. It improves the texture and volume of hair. 

Hair color for shine

It gives you a shine and bright look in your hair. It makes your hair vibrant and appealing.

Hair color for girls has beautiful results.

If girls get a perfect hair color from a professional, then it will give beautiful results. 

Protected hair 

Hair dye protects the hair against harsh environmental conditions such as wind, sun radiations, and pollution. 

Best hair color for men

Hair color can make the men different and make a big difference in how you look, so men should also choose the hair dye wisely. 

There are different types of hair colors for men available in the market, and you can buy the best hair color for men from the Life Pharmacy store. 

The boys' hair color represents the boys' personality and attitude, so buy the boy's hair color after researching and reading the reviews about hair color.