Sebamed Baby Shampoo 250 ml

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Sebamed Children's Shampoo -250 ml gently cleans your baby's hair. Many popular shampoos for babies contain soap or other harsh chemicals. By contrast, our dermatologist-tested children's shampoo is specially formulated to hydrate your baby's hair and scalp, supporting healthy growth. And because it is soap-free and made at a pH level of 5.5, you never have to worry about it drying out your child's skin or hair. Instead, it deeply cleanses without irritation to help protect your baby's sensitive scalp.

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Baby shampoo

A baby shampoo named Sebamed is very gentle to your baby’s hair and rinses your baby’s hair thoroughly.

Dermatologists tested baby shampoo

It is a dermatologically tested product and as compared with other shampoos, it does not contain any harsh chemicals and soapy ingredients. 

A scientifically proven formulation of this shampoo is useful for enhancing the growth of a baby’s hair by hydrating the scalp and hair of your kid.

Sebamed baby shampoo is a soap-free shampoo

As it has a 5.1 pH level and does not contain harsh ingredients, you should not worry about the scalp and hair of your baby. It is a soap-free compound and as a result, it has no side effects as compared to other products which irritate the scalp of kids.

Shampoo for baby’s sensitive skin

This product is very gentle and useful for infants till the time of their adolescence. This product enhances the development of the physiological acid mantle in the scalp with its contrasting pH value of 5.5. 

This product does not contain any nitrosamines, formaldehyde, nitro-mochus compounds, dioxins, and colorants, so it is a children’s hair and scalp-friendly item.

Herbal shampoo for babies

It is a natural and herbal shampoo composed of chamomile, mistletoe, yarrow, extracts from fennel, and melissa for relieving itchiness and irritation in the skin of the scalp and soothing it.

Best baby shampoo

It is a gentle and mild shampoo and gives a soothing fragrance to the hair. It has efficient skin tolerance properties and removes dryness from the skin. 

It is an alkali-free and soap-free product with an emollient-containing formulation and thus gives the scalp a hydrated and healthy feeling.

Sebamed baby shampoo price

It is available at a competitive price at the Life Pharmacy store in UAE, Dubai. You can order it online at the Life Pharmacy website as well.

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