Goody Women's Ouchless Braided Elastics Brown 15's

AED 19.95
  • Goody Ouchlessо no-metal elastics
  • Won't snag or pull hair
  • Giving you the comfort you crave and the hold you need for long-lasting ponytails, top knots, braids and more

Get more with Goody Ouchless No Metal Elastics. These super-stretchy hair accessories deliver a comfortable, secure hold with a special metal-free design that won't pull or tear. Goody's exclusive Ouchless elastics design feature a special Smart-Stretch core that outperforms the leading brand. Each elastic delivers up to 10 more ponytails, topknots, braids and pig tails without losing stretch or requiring replacement. Goody No Metal elastics are wider than other elastic hair bands, enhancing hold and durability. They're ideal for using with a variety of different hair lengths, from long waves to choppy bobs and beyond

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