Lirene Shower Gel Mango Oil 250ml

AED 30.45
  • Enjoy a beautiful and well-cared body
  • Shower gel + mango oil has been designed for all skin types.
  • Shower gel + mango oil gently refreshes your skin and restores its natural balance.
  • Additional active ingredients improve skin condition and vitality.
  • The pleasant scent relaxes and gives you energy for the whole day.
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The gel provides intensive moisturizing and improves skin condition, protecting it from drying out.  Specially chosen ingredients leave a protective layer on the skin. The extremely refreshing smell of citrus fruits boosts your energy all day long.

Feel beautiful and pampered!

The gel intensely moisturizes and conditions the skin, protecting it from dehydration. It contains mango wax which strengthens the epidermal barrier, prevents moisture loss and has a hydrating and softening effect. The gel€™s carefully selected ingredients form a protective film of the surface of the skin.

A deliciously refreshing citrus scent will boost your mood!

Use once or twice daily.

Active ingredient:


Enhances the epidermal barrier and inhibits water loss while providing moisturizing and softening action.


Immediately after using the gel, 60% of respondents noted an improvement in skin moisturizing, and in 73% the skin had become more delicate and soft to the touch.

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