Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream 123 50ml

AED 31.50
  • New improved formulation
  • Prevents irritations and redness at each change
  • Relieves from the 1st application
  • Repairs continually
  • Very High tolerance formula (100% well-tolerated) right from birth
  • 98% of ingredients from natural origin
  • 0% perfume
  • 0% preservative
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Mustela baby cream

It clears up the baby’s skin for everyday use. It provides proper skin care for the baby. This cream is thickly applied to the baby’s skin during each diaper change. If wounds or injuries get infected, consult a doctor. It has good tolerability and is prepared to lessen allergic reactions. 

Baby’s skin protection

Its use makes the skin firm and soft. It is easy to remove, is present in clear form, and does not leave any residues. 

Natural ingredients

This is a petrolatum-based cream that contains vitamins A, D, and E, zinc, lanolin for supple skin, hydration, and improve skin. It is made with high tolerance formula, and 99% of the ingredients are natural. It is free from preservatives and perfume. 


Any irritation associated with moisture and incontinency is used to heal by the use of the cream. It helps in avoiding the development of dry skin, diaper rash, bedsores, burns, chafing, and other skin conditions and itchiness. 

Mustela baby cream prevents skin breakdown.

Due to incontinence, the skin may be damaged, which is protected against with adult diaper rash cream. Moisture is retained in the skin, and damage is reduced due to this moisture barrier ointment. 

Dermatologists tested

This is a paste recommended and tested by the doctors. They are available in hospitals and other medical centers.  

How to use it?

Take an adequate amount of Mustela cream and apply a thick layer on the baby’s dry and clean diaper area when you change the diaper. 

If there are any lesions or oozing occurs, then consult the doctor immediately.

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