Nex Cold hot Maxi

AED 42.00
This large cold/hot gel-filled pack is perfect for dealing with pain in large body areas such as back (eg lumbago), abdomen (eg.menstrual pain) or thigh (eg. bruising). Excellent for those that prefer natural drug-free therapy. The gel is safe and non-toxic to use and also 99% biodegradable* which makes the product now more environmentally friendly.
Provides instant, natural pain relief. Ideal for relieving pain in large body areas such as the back, abdomen, and thighs. Cold gel compress for swelling, inflammation, and pain. Hot gel compress for muscle aches and stiffness. Reusable pack with non-toxic gel - safe for the whole family. Environmentally friendly - made with 99% biodegradable gel. Protective cover included for comfort.
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