Omron R3 Wrist Blood pressure Monitor

AED 195.00
This entry-level, fully automatic blood pressure monitor offers everything necessary for comfortable, quick and accurate blood pressure monitoring at the push of a button. Intellisense technology ensures that measurements are performed during inflation. The device stores up to 42 readings with the date and time of measurement recorded. An averaging mode can be utilised to take 3 readings in 10 mins with the averaging being displayed on the screen.

Omron R3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Is A Good Buy Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor With Basic

- Fully Automatic Intellisense Technology Inflates The Cuff To The Right Level

- Clinically Validated

- 42 Memories And Date/time Indication: Keep Track Of Exact Time Of Measurement

- One Button Operation

- Average Reading Display Based On The Last 3 Readings

- Morning Hypertension

- The World Hypertension League Recommends Regular Blood Pressure Monitoring With Clinically Validated Devices.

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