Opti Free Lens Solution 355 ml

AED 27.30
Opti-Free Lens Solution uses an exclusive formula for cleaning, disinfecting, and removing protein deposits from contact lenses. Opti-Free solution cleans by loosening and removing any buildups of protein or other debris that attaches to the lenses.

Opti free lens solution

Opti-Free Lens Solution uses a unique formula to remove protein deposits from contact lenses by disinfecting and washing them. The Opti-Free solution clears the protein or other debris attached to the lenses by loosening and removing it.

Keep lenses clean

Opti-Free Solution keeps the lenses clean and perfects to use. This solution destroys bactericidal, fungicidal protein regular, kills acanthamoeba for all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogels that making sure you have all-day-long comfort.

Doctor’s recommended

Opti free lens solution is recommended by doctors for the cleansing of lenses.

Comfortable insertion

Lens solution provides insertion and comfort to eyes when you put lenses in eyes. It provides cushion and advanced conditioning.  

Easy to use lens solution

It is effortless to use this lens cleaner, and it also provides the wearing comfort of lenses.

Multi-purpose contact lens solution

It is a multi-purpose contact lens solution. It cleanses the lens, disinfects and conditions the lens, stores and rinses the contact lenses in the case of contact lenses.

Hydrates the lenses

Lens solution hydrates the lenses with the same kind of lubricant which is present in the eyes. It also has the same pH as the pH of tears. It keeps moisturized for many hours and keeps your lens comfortable in your eyes for the whole day.


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