Phytolium 4 Ampoules 12 X 3.5 ml

AED 341.25
  • Phyto - Phytolium 4 Ampoules is an anti-hair loss concentrated, suitable for severe and/or hereditary hair loss.
  • Formulated from plant stem cells, it has four distinct actions:

Phyto - Phytolium 4 Ampoules regenerates the hair root, accelerating its growth while protecting the follicular cells and promotes a stronger and dense growth. Contains in its formulation:

- Shiitake: it stimulates the production of sirtuins, proteins that promote cell survival and participate in self-defense system;

- Biocompatible extract of stem cells from wild apple fruit: preserves the follicular stem cells to delay the hair senescence and prolong their life;

- Palmetto extract: inhibits the synthesis of 5?-reductase, which is the cause of hair loss;

- Essential oils: regenerate the hair bulb environment;

- Glycoproteins solanum: stimulate keratinocytes that are the source of hair production and act on the hair bulb to promote growth and toning hair;

- Grape procyanidins and Cananga essential oil: protect the tissues around the bulb and improve intercellular exchanges for denser and vigorous growth.

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