Reparil Gel 40 g Tube

AED 19.50
Reparil-Gel N is an anti-inflammatory pain-relieving aescin-gel which combats swelling and edema. Reparil-Gel has anti-inflammatory and heparin-like effects. Reparil-Gel cools the painful area and well tolerated.
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1. For muscle pain, inflammatory contusion, hematomas or local swelling resulting from various origins: example, sport injuiries, blunt trauma, crush injuries or accidents, etc. 2. For muscle strians, joint sprains, tenosynovitis. 3. For superficial thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, including thrombophlebitis following intravenous infusion. 4.It is a fast-acting muscle pain reliever. It provides temporary relief from minor pain and stiffness of rheumatism, certain injuries and muscle soreness.
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