Rhinomer Baby Force 1 115ml

AED 50.00
Rhinomer Baby soft Extra force is an effective solution and 100% natural cleaning nose in babies that effectively helps to remove all nasal mucus have no physiological way to expel mucus.

Thanks to its composition rich in minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfate, Rhinomer Baby soft Extra force allows a total cleaning of the nasal cavities of the baby clear breathing, as well as all aunar the benefits of the sea water, which has a powerful decongestant, action and that will alleviate respiratory discomfort in your baby.

Contains no preservatives and no propellant gas, your applicator allows easy use for the age of the baby without damaging its nose or generate drowning. Sea water will penetrate into his nose by loosening the mucus that will emerge slowly from your baby's nose. It is very common during the first few months have trouble breathing through the mouth so it is important to keep your nasal fosas cleared.

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