Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion 200 ml

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The Sebamed Moisturizing Lotion - 200 ml nourishes and moisturizes damaged and dry skin. Uniquely formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin, our Moisturizing Body Lotion deeply soothes and nurtures.

Sebamed Baby lotion

Sebamed body lotion can be used for daily skin use or for issues regarding skin like eczema and psoriasis. It can be rubbed on the body immediately after taking a shower or bath, so moisture content stays locked in.

Baby lotion for baby’s delicate skin

This concoction is highly compatible with any skin type, either sensitive or otherwise, with its dermatologist-approved formula of non-irritating and wholesome properties, promoting this body lotion product as an alternative for sensitive skin.

Sebamed moisturizer

It aids in maintaining the moisture content of skin due to its non-oily formulation and the ability for good absorption. This product consists of allantoin and chamomile extract, which is non-oily in nature. The skin’s hydrolipid barrier is maintained due to its 5.5 pH that supports the skin. 

Last for longer time

Manufacturers have formulated Remedy Dermatology Series Body lotion in order to keep the skin hydration levels optimum with moisture for more than 24 hours. This is also useful for sensitive skin.  

Essential vitamins and botanical blend

It has a mixture of complex relaxing antioxidants and vitamins to nourish the skin. 

Moisturizing baby lotion

Natural oils give hydrating qualities from safflower oleosomes. A variety of other ingredients includes clove flower, green tea, and soy. 

Dermatologists tested

The characteristics of this moisturizing lotion include fragrance-free, pH balanced, hypoallergenic containing no sulfates, aloe, or phthalates, and paraben-free. 

Best Baby lotion

This product has the approval gained from healthcare professionals. It contains the following properties of being non-comedogenic, free of smell, tested for allergy, and can be used as moisturizing lotion, body lotion, or even hand lotion. 


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