Sissel Soft Curve L Including Cover

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Gentle support pillow

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Gentle support pillow


Gentle support pillows (visco-elastic foam): The right choice especially for sensitive users: On the gentle support pillows, head and neck rest literally weightless. They perfectly adapt and provide a soft but stable base with slightly less correction intensity than the SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillows. Vertabrae and muscles can sufficiently relax and regenerate., blood circulation remains unobstructed. For a refreshed start in the new day. The pillow is molded into one piece, guaranteeing consistent quality and long life-span of the material. The soft cover made of fluffy velours offers absolute cuddle comfort.

Positioning: place the flat end of your SISSEL®orthopedic pillow under your head. The higher end should be at your shoulder. This ensures optimum support of your cervical spinal column. Getting used to: it usually takes two to three nights to become accustomed to the right way of sleeping. Only very few cases require a little more time.

SKU: 122284

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