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What is Ascorbic Acid? Its Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

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Ascorbic acid and Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is also known as Vitamin C. It is a vitamin. Humans get their vitamin C from food and other sources, while animals tend to make their own vitamin C. Good sources of vitamin C include fresh vegetables and fruits, particularly citrus fruits.

Vitamin C can also be synthesized in the lab. Many medical health professionals advise getting ascorbic acid from good quality of nutrition in fruits and vegetables instead of taking them through supplements. You can also take ascorbic acid or from foods that are rich in vitamin C.

Fresh frozen concentrate or freshly squeezed orange juice are good notable sources. In the past, ascorbic acid was used to cure and prevent scurvy. Nowadays, vitamin C is available to prevent and treat the common cold. 

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COVID-19 and uses of Ascorbic Acid

Consuming 200 mg of Ascorbic acid as a preventive measure against COVID-19 or taking 1-2 grams every day for treating COVID-19 is recommended by some medical professionals. Even though the recommended doses are considered safe, no record has shown that it helps against COVID-19.

However, if you use vitamin C for COVID-19 prevention or treatment, it is important to maintain a natural balance of lifestyle and preventive methods as well.  

Benefits of Ascorbic Acid

Some of the major benefits of taking ascorbic acids are:

  • Ascorbic acid is a strong antioxidant

Antioxidants are essential for protection of cells of the body and lessen their damage by maintaining and clearing up any free radicals.

Vitamin C, E, and Beta Carotene act to keep the body youthful and prevent any harmful illness.  

  • Ascorbic acid Lowers your blood pressure

Vitamin C acts as a diuretic since it is water-soluble and pushes the kidney to remove the excess water and sodium from the body, resulting in relaxing of blood vessel walls and lowering blood pressure.

Low blood pressure ensures that you are less likely to get a stroke and have good cardiovascular health, which is necessary since many people today have cardiovascular disease.

  • Ascorbic acid boosts your immune system

We already know how vitamin C treats curable diseases like scurvy and how it fights against many diseases.

It increases your immunity, and fight against many diseases such as cold and flu. 


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Vitamin C acts majorly to strengthen your hair and cleanse your skin, making it a reality for many people.

Vitamin C helps to produce more protein collagen, and in addition to iron absorption, it results in healthier skin and hair that can be maintained too. 




  • Ascorbic acid for weight loss

Every person wants an ideal weight to build more muscles or maintain them, which can be helped with the use of ascorbic acid.

You should have increased consumption of citrus fruits and sweet potatoes,  along with maintaining a balanced diet and exercise regime.

  • Ascorbic acid for physical and mental health

In conclusion, vitamin C is an important micronutrient with a less than stellar reputation by accident.

With its ability to heal your wounds and lessen inflammation within and outside the body, and managing to give you a great look, it has also been seen as a vitamin that increases your energy and your mental health.  

Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C Supplements are used to

  • Fulfill the deficiency of vitamin C
  • Treat, the scurvy in children
  • Vitamin C treats many skin disorders

Ask the healthcare practitioner before taking the supplements. 

When should you take ascorbic acid/ascorbate sodium?

You can take ascorbic acid one time in a day. 25mg to 75mg of vitamin C is enough to treat the deficiency of vitamin C in the body. You can take it anytime in a day, but it you should preferably take it during mealtime. 

Is it safe to take ascorbic acid regularly? 

You can take the recommended amount of ascorbic acid, but if you take more than that amount, then it can be harmful and cause some diseases like nausea and diarrhea. 

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