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Is Vitamin C Really Good for Your Skin?

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Vitamin C is an important nutrient required for the body to help in many functions. Humans cannot synthesize vitamin C on their own as many animals can.

There are many foods high in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits, bell peppers, and leafy green vegetables. It provides healthy young skin.

Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for skin. It protects your skin cells against the pollution, smoking, and UV rays of the environment. It helps in the formation of collagen. Vitamin C supplements have many other amazing benefits also. 

Vitamin C is good for skin as it makes 70% of collagen which is present in skin.

Benefits of Vitamin C for skin 

Some of the major vitamin C benefits are;

vitamin c

1. Help Protect Against Sun Damage

UV radiations can cause many harmful effects to skin on the contrary vitamin C helps to prevent the radiations to reach the skin. But it still does not entail the use of vitamin C in place of sunscreen.

It is unable to absorb UVA or UVB rays, so it cannot be replaced with SPF. If UV light penetrates the skin, vitamin C is best to use for the treatment of harmful effects.

2. Vitamin C for face

Hyperpigmentation occurs, a condition in which dark patches persist on the skin, hence Vitamin C supplements are best for the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

A study also showed that applying these products for 16 weeks straight also healed those colors altogether.

However, more studies need to be conducted to fully understand how vitamin C creams act and affect.  

3. Helps Smooth Wrinkles

Many anti-aging products use vitamin C as a key component in their products. After using these for 12 weeks, wrinkles diminished to some extent.

Suppose this nutrient is present in a diet that is helpful too. People who consume more vitamin C in their diet have lesser wrinkles and fine lines on their face.

Vitamin C is not only present in citrus fruits but also in red peppers, broccoli and spinach too. 

vitamin c for skin

4. Vitamin C Boosts Collagen

Collagen is present abundantly in the skin, which keeps it firm and tight. However, the production of collagen in skin and human body reduces as people ages.

Vitamin C promotes the production of new collagen on the skin. It regulates the collagen already present in your body and secures the protein from further damage. There are many other amazing benefits of using collagen supplements

5. Vitamin C tablets promote healing

Injuries and wounds heal quickly with vitamin C. You can take the healthy nutrients like vitamin C through your healthy diet, also by taking supplements, or also by using creams on the skin.

This extra stuff helps to heal wounds that do not close in people but is helped by using these substances.

Vitamin aids the body in the development of more collagen to help heal the body.   

6. Vitamin C Diminishes Scars

People who have surgical scars due to surgeries can use vitamin C for immediate healing of scars.

An experiment consisting of 80 people applied vitamin-based silicone gel on their injury for a time period of 6 months after their stitches have been removed.

Using the product made the scar less prominent than those who did not use it. 

vitamin c

Vitamin C powder benefits for skin

However, not every form of vitamin C is penetrable through the skin. If you want to use the powder of vitamin C for skin then you should convert it in a form namely ascorbic acid.

Ascorbic acid is quite unstable and degrades when it comes in contact with light, heat, or oxygen. But still, ascorbic acid in powder form is more stable than the other types and maintains most of its properties than that vitamin C in lotions or serums. 

Vitamin C serum for face benefits

Collagen formation is enhanced with vitamin C serums, which leads to thickening of dermis, reduces wrinkles, and maintains a fresh, firm skin type.

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