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It is an organic compound that works as a strong antioxidant in the body. Many health benefits are present. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is developed in the body, which can be enhanced further by appropriate dietary choices, using supplements, or both. 

Using supplements of ALA has become quite common as people think that it will aid in diabetes, memory loss, weight loss, skin health, and various other health conditions. 

Dosage of Alpha-lipoic acid

Even though alpha-lipoic acid is thought to be safe, no guidelines are present regarding its proper use. Alpha-lipoic acid 100 mg to Alpha-lipoic acid 600 mg are available. The accumulation of all the data collected suggests that a safe dose is considered in an adult to be about 1,800 mg. 

Alpha-lipoic acid Benefits

ALA may be useful for the following conditions:

1. Weight loss

Some people think that ALA is involved in increasing weight loss. For example, a study including animals showed that the energy metabolism of skeletal muscle is enhanced by using ALA, also improving the number of calories that the body can burn off. 

2. Diabetes

A few research studies show that the body’s blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels are maintained using ALA. Research regarding this also suggests that it can lower symptoms of nerve damage usually found in people with diabetes like pain, numbness, and paralysis. 

3. Inflammation

A 2018 analysis showed that ALA helps in decreasing C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. CRP is an inflammation marker that is used to specify chronic inflammation associated with conditions like diabetes and cancer. 

4. Heart disease

Some research also suggests that ALA also helps to decrease oxidative stress as it is a strong antioxidant. Oxidative stress is the major reason for heart disease. Various randomized controlled trials have been reviewed, saying that ALA helps in lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol that is another cause of heart disease. 

5. Memory loss

With the increase in age, oxidative stress also occurs. Also, being played a role in causing heart disease; it may also cause memory loss and brain health. A study related to Alzheimer’s disease showed that ALA could help in reducing the advancement of this condition. ALA’s may have a positive impact on blood sugar metabolism and insulin resistance, as for Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes poses a risk factor, suggested by many researchers. 

6. Alpha-lipoic acid uses for Sun-Damaged Skin

Many manufacturers often brag that the anti-aging properties of alpha-lipoic acid are present in many products, especially in cosmetics. Research also says that much truth is present in these claims. A review article has studied the protective properties of this compound against radiation effects since it is also a powerful antioxidant. 


ALA is an organic compound that works best as an antioxidant and also has multiple effects on the body too. The body synthesizes it naturally within the body; ALA supplements are also taken by the people. ALA may be considered safe for adults but consulting with a doctor is best before consuming supplements. ALA supplements can be easily found in pharmacies, health food stores, and even online.