Amydramine Expectorant Syrup 120ml Bottle

AED 6.50   (VAT Inclusive)
Amydramine Expectorant Syrup is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms: Cough relief Common Cold Bronchitis Other Breathing illnesses

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Amydramine Expectorant Syrup is used for Cough relief, Amydramine Expectorant Syrup contains Ammonium Chloride, Diphenhydramine Hcl, Menthol and Sodium Citrate as active ingredients. Amydramine Expectorant Syrup works by increasing the excretion of extracellular electrolytes and water out of the body; suppressing the the histamine-1 receptor sites on effector cells; temporarily relieving minor pain; regulating the intake of sodium and potassium.
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