Baneocin Ointment 20g Tube

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Baneocin cream

Baneocin cream is a scientifically tested cream that treats a varied number of skin issues such as infected eczema, skin abrasions, contagious impetigo, bacterial dermatitis, dermatoses, secondary infections with cuts, infected trophic ulcers of the lower extremities and skin burns. 

Baneocin 20g ointment 

This ointment is beneficial for preventing those infections which may occur after dermatological surgeries.  

Baneocin ointment for wounds 

This cream also cures many wounds, cracks in the skin, injuries and stitches. It also cures umbilical cord infection in infants. When people encounter carbuncles and boils after surgery, then this ointment can be applied over the affected area. It also improves symptoms of purulent hidradenitis, staphylococcal sycosis, paronychia and deep folliculitis in many people.

Baneocin ointment Uses

Baneocin cream can be utilized for the cure, management, prevention and recovery of many eyes and skin infections. It can also be used on inflamed skin and the skin which is infected due to bacterial attack.

This product is highly tolerable. Before applying this product to extensive skin wounds, caution and cure are extremely required. 

Baneocin UK ointment Dosage 

  • Before applying bandages, people can apply this product in powdered and cream form on the infected and affected area. 

  • Those kids and adults who are applying this product in powder form can apply it about two-four times per day, and those people who are using this product in cream or gel form can apply it two to three times per day.

  •  Those patients whose more than 20 percent of the body surface is burned should not use baneocin powder more than once per day. Particularly those patients who have kidney issues should apply it with great care because the absorption of its active ingredient may occur in the body.

  • When you apply this Baneocin cream, you should not exceed the recommended dose in a day.

  • When people reuse this ointment, then they should decrease its dosage by half.

Baneocin ointment price

This cream is available at an affordable price in UAE, Dubai at the Life Pharmacy store.

Baneocin cream side effects

In rare cases, baneocin ointment can have some side effects such as redness, swelling, itching or draining. 

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