Greenwoods Hot Water Bag Ribbed

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There are so many ways to warm and soothe babies, toddlers, and children with a hot water bottle:

  • Warm a child's cold hands or feet
  • Warm a bed before nap time or bedtime
  • Soothe a tummy ache

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Hot water bag

You can keep your toddlers, infants, and children warm using a hot water bottle in many ways:

  1. Hot water bag keeps child’s hands and feet warm, especially in cold weather

  2. Hot water bags make sure to keep babies warm before bedtime.

  3. It also gives a soothing effect to the aching tummy. 

Hot water bag for baby 

This hot water bottle is made in England. It is quite beneficial for making the baby warm during cold weather. It also gives relief against pains and aches. 

Greenwood's water bag for baby’s pain and aches 

This hot water bag is a bedtime partner for making your baby warm and also ensures to give relief against pains and aches on the tummy. 

BPA and odour-free

It is made in England, with thermoplastic material and is BPA and odor-free. This hot water bottle can hold almost 1 pint of water. It is specially designed to be leak-free. This hot water bag has a capacity of 2 liters of water. 

Best for newborn babies

It is quite a unique and relaxing gift for newborn babies. 

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