Renu Lens Solution 360 ml

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ReNu lens solution is a multi-purpose solution for removing protein deposits and disinfecting. This solution is suitable for all types of soft contact lenses. ReNu MultiPlus solution contains ingredients to help increase hydration and comfort.

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Renu Lens Solution is used for different purposes like rinsing, and disinfecting the contact lenses, and removing the protein deposits. It is best for any type of contact lens. 

Care of contact lenses

You should take care of your contact lenses because you wear the lenses in the most delicate part of your eyes. 


Renu Lens Solution is a multi-purpose contact lens solution, and it is made for soft lenses to help them clean, rinse, clear, disinfects, and store soft contact lenses in the contact lens case. 

Moisturizing Effect

This solution for lenses makes lens so convenient that you forget that you are wearing them. Renu Lens Solution has HA, which is a moisturizing agent present in the eyes, in its solution to make it wearable.

Debris and Particles

Formulas present in Renu Lens Solution fight against microorganism that leads to eye infections. This solution gets rid of debris and particles that keeps your lens clean. 

Simplify your CONTACT LENS care

Using this formula, keep your lens clean, and more than that, comfortable to use. 

How to use it?

Rub the contact lenses between your index finger and thumb. You can rub the lens on your palm also with the help of an index finger. Gently rub the lens. 



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