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Beard Oil: Beard Grooming Tips

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Well, to be a beardsman person is beyond the idea of just growing your beard. To maintain a healthy beard, you need to take proper care of it consistently.

Every man should follow the proper men’s skincare routine. The routine should not be complex to follow. To maintain a healthy beard, there are just some basic steps that you should follow.

Tips for Beard grooming

For proper beard grooming and men’s hair care routine, follow the given tips.

1. Wash Beard Regularly

Cleanse your facial hair with men’s natural shampoo 2-3 times a week. This will help your beard to smell good, stay clean, and remove any build-up (resulted from stress or excess oil) from gathering in your beard.

At last, your facial hair is just like your hair on the top of your head. You don’t need to purchase a special beard wash which is nothing more than an expensive shampoo.

2. Keep Your Beard Hydrated and Conditioned

To maintain a soft and shiny beard, apply conditioner with beard oil regularly. This helps to lock moisture in your facial hair and keeps it free from any flakes, the sensation of itchiness, and most importantly, maintains the health of follicle. Always keep in mind that your beard is only going to be as healthy as the skin below it.

Beard oil

Ever tried beard oil before? Do not worry; the application of beard oil is quite simple.

  • Take a few drops (fewer is better) in the palm of your hand and spread it in between both hands evenly.
  • Apply the oil evenly on the base of your beard (the skin can be dry or moist but should not be wet).
  • Massage the oil by circulating fingers in a way that in the last you come till the tips of your hair. Evenly massage the oil over the entire board and in the skin below it.

When should you apply beard oil for beard grooming?

  • If you have dry skin/hair or live in a dry climate, apply it regularly or every other day.
  • If you live in humid or have oily skin, apply the oil about 2-3 times a week.
  • If you notice your beard gets oily frequently, apply the oil less frequently.

Best beard oil

One of the best beard oils for growth is available in the market is:

Beard Guyz Beard Oil With Grotein

It helps to nourish and softens the facial hair. It also moisturizes the skin and prevent it from dryness.

3. Beard trimming

To maintain healthy facial hair, the key step is to trim them frequently. To achieve better results, trim your hair with scissors instead of trimmers. Trimmers might create split ends whereas, scissors are more accurate.

Check your beard after few weeks in the mirror and trim of any uneven patches or split ends with the help of a scissor. Keep in mind that you follow your face’s natural contour. Keep a round form in a uniform length of all the hair.

Are you stressed about the uneven length or how to trim your beard? Comb your beard together with a small brush to see which hair is loose and must be trimmed. Brush your beard after each cut so that you can see the length and trims the hair which is needed without going too far.

Best beard trim

There are many beard trimmers available in the market at reasonable prices.

4. Clean Up Your Neckline

The application of a trimmer is only necessary around your neckline. For the majority of men, cleaning your neckline after two weeks is enough. The given steps help you on how to do it:

  • Just over your Adam’s apple, keep your index and middle finger together.
  • The top of your finger indicates where to start trimming your beard.
  • Avoid following the jawline only; this will create an awkward-shaped beard.

5. Stay Healthy

Your facial hair, skin, and hair on your head reflect the inner health of a person. To achieve a thick good-looking beard, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which means eat properly, exercise regularly, sleep well and control your consumption of alcohol.

Beard grooming kits

Men’s groomer kit and beard grooming kits are best for the proper grooming of men. You will get all the essentials for grooming in one kit.

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