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6 Benefits and Uses of Micellar Water

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Micellar water is composed of tiny droplets of oil present in a suspended form in the purified, demineralized water. 

Micelles attract impurities, dust and dirt, such as a magnet, present on the surface of the skin like oil, makeup and dust.” Using this water does not affect your skin’s oil balance; rather, Micellar water works to remove any dirt present on the skin surface without disturbing the oil.

Proteins and oils are present on the outer layer of the skin, which contains proteins held together naturally.

Alcohol-based toners, which act as cleansers, and these toners disturb this layer, so moisture is not kept within this layer anymore. This results in dry skin, which is more prone to infections

Benefits and Uses of Micellar water 

Micellar water has many useful properties, such as cleaning your skin, keeping it locked with moisture, and also helps to treat acne to some extent as a regimen. 

1. Micellar cleansing water Cleanses your skin

Normal cleansers can alter the skin oil system and leave some chemicals in the skin. It makes the skin dry, irritated and red.

But micellar water does protect your skin and clears it from dirt and any oils without negative effects. Oils are important for your skin as they help to keep the germs like bacteria that lead to infections or irritation away from the skin barrier.

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2. Promotes hydration and moisture

“Micellar water is best for the skin health such as it is used to moisturize and hydrates the skin.”

A few moisturizing compounds are also present in different varieties of micellar water, like glycerin, which moves water up to the outer layer and also absorbs from the surrounding. 

3. Simple micellar gel wash treats acne

Not many studies have been performed on micellar water to check their properties in treating acne; however, its cleaning effect may help in the treatment.

Acne is formed when your pores get clogged with oil or bacteria, which stimulates inflammation effects that result in swelling and redness.

So, acne can be reduced due to the cleaning effect of micellar water by removing oil and dust from the skin. 

4. Portable and convenient micellar water 

Besides having multiple benefits, micellar water also is strong and works as portable, favorable and is user-friendly.

It also has multiple properties, as it acts as a makeup removal, toner, and cleanser, thus reducing the need for many other skincare products and decreasing the clutter in your closet. 

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5. Good for all skin types

Micellar water is very adaptable and convenient to use for many different skin types, no matter what type it is: dry, oily, normal skin.

Since it does not contain any substance that can irritate the skin, like soaps and alcohols, it is useable even with sensitive skins or with conditions like rosacea.

One of the most important ingredients in micellar water is Glycerin. Glycerin helps to cure irritation and inflammation of the skin.

6. Micellar water as Best makeup removal

Micellar water is a best makeup eraser. It easily removes the makeup because removing makeup should not a cause of discomfort for anyone.

Micellar water is great in removing one’s makeup by soothingly cleansing and clearing away the makeup. It removes the makeup from the face and around the eyes.

Micellar makeup remover has tiny micelles that assist in removing any leftover dirt on the skin.

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