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Nutra Lean: Efficient, Natural Weight Management Formula

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Efficient, Natural Weight Management Formula


More than one billion people worldwide are obese, according to a UN report*. The number of overweight people (that includes obese as well) is almost double. Why should we be concerned about being overweight? 

Overweight people are at increased risk of developing health issues such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and more. Being overweight lowers the quality of life, and can cause various mental illnesses including depression and anxiety. Body pain and mobility and functional issues can also be added to the list.

Developing good food habits and exercising regularly are the most common means to control excess weight. Medication and surgery are also used. 

But do you know there is a hassle-free natural solution for effective weight management? With a view to addressing the issue of excess weight, Sunshine Nutrition—a fast-growing US-based nutritional supplement company—has now come up with a dietary supplement based on a natural, thermogenic formula for weight control.

What is Nutra Lean?

Nutra Lean Max, a scientifically formulated dietary supplement for healthy, hassle-free weight management, contains clinically studied natural ingredients including green coffee bean extract, chromium, raspberry ketones, and organic cinnamon. The dietary supplement helps overweight people look great by supporting thermogenesis through accelerated metabolism resulting in efficient fat-burning. Nutra Lean Max also controls blood sugar and boosts the body’s energy. 

The soluble fiber Fibersol-2 present in Nutra Lean Max helps fight cravings and satisfy hunger. Along with an innovative probiotics formula, it supports digestion and ensures a healthy gut. Probiotics also improve digestion, help maintain a healthy gut, and boost the immune system.

The formulation has Hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), Silica Dioxide, and Magnesium Stearate that aid in better weight management. 

It also contains excellent carb-blocking ingredients that help block the breakdown of starches and making them indigestible and preventing their absorption. A special ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia, does the job of carb blocking, thereby reducing the accumulation of fat storage in the body and lowering bad cholesterol in the body. It also raises the body’s serotonin level which helps curb cravings and appetite. The results are controlled calorie intake and healthy blood sugar levels.

How Nutra Lean Works?

The appetite suppressants present in Nutra Lean Max control the brain’s urge to eat and reduce calorie intake, which prevents weight gain.

Another way Nutra Lean Max controls weight is by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in the body. High insulin levels can impair the body’s ability to burn fat for energy. Chromium and African Mango present in the supplement bring down insulin levels and help control weight.

A GMP-certified, quality product made in the USA, Nutra Lean Max is safe to use. The supplements are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, sweetener, preservatives, flavor, and colors. 

Available in bottles containing 180 capsules, Hair Max is a natural dietary supplement that can be used by all adults*, with a recommended daily dosage of three tablets at mealtime, or as recommended by the physician. 

*Individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, nursing, taking any medication, or having any medical condition, are requested to consult a physician or healthcare practitioner before taking 


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