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Prevent Hyperpigmentation in Summer

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The problem of hyperpigmentation, especially in acne-prone skin, is a persistent problem.

Hyperpigmentation is even more frustrating in the summertime when the sun seems to be the sworn enemy of the skin.

People with hyperpigmented skin have a problem enjoying the warm weather due to this issue. Summer can be especially brutal, so makeup might not be practical that worsen the situation moreover.

Causes of hyperpigmentation

During the summer months, I’ve learned some effective practical methods for avoiding and managing hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure isn’t always the only factor.

· Skin conditions

A skin condition called melasma causes gray or brown patches on the face, chest, neck, or other areas of the body. Hyperpigmentation is sometimes a symptom of this skin condition.

Eczema, acne and Psoriasis can also cause hyperpigmentation. Scarring occurs following these skin conditions, which often lead to dark spots.

· Hormones

Hyperpigmentation can also be triggered by hormones that cause melanin synthesis to spike.

Among the factors contributing to the production of melanin are progesterone estrogen, as well as our genes. Hundreds of genes control how our melanin is produced and distributed behind the scenes.

· Sun exposure

Sun exposure for a long period of time can cause hyperpigmentation of the skin. The best way to prevent skin from discoloring is to wear sunscreen every day, regardless of the weather.

Managing Pigmentation

Women and men of all ages can suffer from this condition, which can be quite difficult to treat; however, there are some ways that can be used to manage it during this summer.


During the warmer months of summer, it is vital to protect yourself from the sun since the sun will cause your skin to produce melanin. If you are out this summer, we recommend you wear a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF (we recommend something over 30) and cover problem areas of your skin, such as the face, arms, and legs.

The most common form of pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, can be prevented by taking the simplest of steps to take care of your skin. Do your best to embody a daily skincare regimen that will leave you with glowing, healthy skin – and don’t forget the exfoliator!

Preventing Pigmentation in summer

The pigmentation problem, wherein one side is difficult to treat on the other side, also causes self-confidence issues. You can, however, permanently reduce your pigmentation with the right course of treatment from a specialized skincare clinic.

1. Derma White Treatment

A common concern among black skin care patients is pigmentation. At The Laser Treatment Clinic, specialized treatment of pigmentation is ensured. Using the Derma White Treatment, an industry-leading treatment that can deliver the results you want, is provided

2. Protect from inflammation

Looking at product labels is a good idea when it comes to inflammation.

Consider ingredients such as vitamin E, Centella Asiatica, and resveratrol to combat inflammation.

A cream containing anti-inflammatory molecules can reduce certain proteins and increase the production of anti-inflammatory molecules in the skin.

Furthermore, they provide a protective barrier of moisture that mitigates the effects of sun exposure, and they reduce UV-induced skin swelling and other types of skin inflammation.

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